New Attitudes Dance Studio

"All Roads Lead to Dance"

Order Form 2006 Dance Recital Video

Saturday June 10th & Sunday June 11th


Video will include the entire recital from one night plus the

dance numbers that are unique to each show.




Name (Please Print) _________________________________________________________________


Address: (Street)____________________________________________________________________


(City, Zip)__________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:_____________________________________________________________________

Student Affiliation( Student Name):______________________________________________________




VHS Copies $20.00   ________(Number of Copies)

DVD Copies $30.00   ________(Number of Copies)


Please make checks payable to Thunder & Lighting Production

Copies ordered after June 15th will be $25.00 for VHS and $35.00 for DVD.




Copies will be available for pickup at

New Attitudes Dance Studio

Friday June 29th Friday June 30th from 5:00pm-6:00pm


Forms may be dropped off at New Attitudes Dance Studio or mailed to:

 Thunder & Lighting Production

P.O. Box 253 - 315 South Front Street

Marquette, MI 49855

For more information call 228-8333